Havit Gamenote H2013D Price In 2024

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Havit Gamenote H2013D

Bangladeshi Price For Havit Gamenote H2013D 3.5 mm USB Gaming Headset
Bangladesh may now get the Havit Gamenote H2013D 3.5 mm and USB Gaming Headset. Only at SM TECH Gallary can you get the authentic merchandise at the lowest possible cost.BDand take pleasure in the quality while being guaranteed Bangladesh’s greatest client care.

Searching for a gaming headset to help you focus on your game?
You can find everything you need with the Havit Gamenote H2013D 3.5 mm and USB Gaming Headset. It has a twin port, metal mesh, RGB cool lighting, high accuracy and smooth wheel volume control, 50mm large-caliber speakers, surround stereo in conjunction, and surround stereo. It also comes with a 07-Day Replacement Warranty.

There isn’t a gaming headset like this one out there.

  • High precision & smooth wheel volume control
  • Metal mesh and RGB cool lighting
  • 50mm large-caliber speakers
  • Surround stereo in collocation
  • Plug Type: Dual port
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty


  • Unique RGB Lights,
  • Surround Stereo in Collocation
  • 50mm Large Caliber Speakers
  • All-inclusive Skin Earmuffs
  • High Precision & Smooth Wheel Volume Control
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Made in/ Assemble: China

Name: Havit
Model: Habit H2013d
Type: Connectivity for gaming
Connectivity: Details of Wired Audio
20Hz–20kHz is the frequency response (Hz–kHz).
42d +/- 3dB is the sensitivity.
Ohm resistance: 20 ohm +/- 15%
Slots & Ports
Dual port plug type
Technical Details
Yes, a microphone
RGB lighting effect
Physical attributes
Shade: Black

Havit Gamenote H2013D which you can get from us for only 1080 taka.  In this headphone, you will get a very beautiful rgb light in two passes.  Not only that, it has used 0mm Large Caliber Stereo Speakers whose quality will be top notch.  Apart from this, you are getting a microphone in it. This headphone is so soft, even after 8-10 hours, there will be no ear pain.  You can search by its model if you want.  There is no one who dislikes it.  If your budget is around 1000 rupees then you can take it safely.  So now let’s see what is in the product.  You can see the 3.5mm gaming headphone written on the box, then as soon as you open the box, you will see Havit Brander’s headphone and warranty card.  And this Havit headphone has two 3.5mm jacks, one for sound and one for mic.  And there will be a usb through which you can connect the rgb light to the headphone.  If you order from us, you will get 7 days replacement warranty.  If there is any problem with the product, then we will replace it and give a new product. If you want to order, you can contact us on the number given or on our Facebook page at SM TECH Gallary.  In that case, take the order by sending 200 rupees and get the rest of the money in the hand of the product.  Thank you so much for connecting with us and you can follow our SM TECH Gallary official facebook page to get new products.

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